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REPAIR ONLY! Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235

REPAIR ONLY! Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235

REPAIR ONLY! Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235    REPAIR ONLY! Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235

We've been in the appliance repair business for just under 20 years. We started in the 90's but as time went on, we noticed that appliances are equipped with many more computer components than in the past.

In fact, many technicians have completely gotten out of the business due to that! But we adapted and began doing those repairs as well and over time, we added that skill set to our services. If you're in the Palm Beach area, we are available to come to your home to repair your appliance and if need be, take the bad circuit board with us for repair.

Below you'll find an extensive list of boards we repair. Our goal is to earn your business through cheap pricing, decent turnaround time and overall good communication. I can tell you that we are cheaper than the competition because we don't have a lot of overhead.

I can also tell you that we replace the bad parts, test all and additionally replace more common parts that tend to go bad, even if they're still O. Our turn around time is 1 day, unless we need to order an odd relay or eeprom chip. If you need it done faster and we have everything we need, we'll put it in front of the rest of them. The boards are checked thoroughly.

We may need to contact you at one point so please include a cell number in which we can either text or call. We also like to tell our customers when their board arrives and what the status is.

Again, due to the variety of parts needed on some boards, we don't always have the parts and need to special order. The more boards we get though, the more we order and the more we have.. Please send broken circuit boards to. West Palm Beach, Fl 33417. Please make sure that the board is the same in the picture. Look at the side with the relays, NOT JUST THE FACE PLATE. The board needs to be the same in order for our equipment to analyze it. For boards that are encapsulated in a shell, PLEASE remove the shell before mailing.

For us, it takes time due to the number of stuff we get in so please remove it. Thank you for your business!

Note We have the tools necessary to thoroughly check all parts on the board, including the main microprocessors and you will know whether or not the board is good and can be repaired or if it's not repairable soon after receiving it. For any boards in METAL or HEAVY casings, please remove before mailing. If not removed, an additional charge will be invoiced based on the total additional weight of the board. This option should not be used on any oven, much less an oven with a board that was worked on. It's dangerous and can damage the board.

Too many people abuse the system by purchasing our parts simply to "test" whether or not it's the broken part in their appliance. So please, do not yell at me, do not send threatening messages, do not leave bad feedback, there is NOTHING I can do about it.

That means that if the board should break within a year, we'll fix it at no cost. For those of you who are not sure of whether or not to work with us because we have too little feedback, there is a reason for that. If you would like to see our feedback, we are the same as "boardbusterzz" and "appliancesolutionz". We have quite a bit there to check out. Please do NOT send "signature required".

It creates a LOT of issues where the board will end up sitting in the post office or ups for a couple of extra days due to the distance it takes to pick it up, our time restraints, etc. Don't worry about the board not arriving, we've only had one of those in over 1000 board deliveries. IF YOU'RE NOT SURE WHETHER YOU NEED THIS PART OR NOT. WE HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE MAKING MISTAKES, ORDERING THE WRONG PART, USING OUR PARTS TO TEST THEIR MACHINES, SWAPPING BAD FOR GOOD, OR ANY NUMBER OF RIDICULOUS ACTIONS.

BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH YOUR ORDER IF IT'S NOT THE RIGHT ORDER. YOU CAN SELL IT IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN KEEP IT AS A REPLACEMENT PART, YOU CAN RUN IT OVER IN YOUR CAR IF YOU'D LIKE BUT PLEASE DO NOT BURDEN US WITH YOUR MISTAKES. There are many instances where a board has to be programmed after it's taken out, and if that's the case, we need to explain how to do so. Or, should there be something we missed, we will need to see the board a 2nd time.

If you want to know what, then ask and we'll explain. Repair for a thermador simmer control that goes by one of the following numbers: 00422882, 00497234, 00497235, 00422882, 00486617, 00491369, 00484846, 00486616, 20-01-879, 20-01-879-02, 20-01-879-03, 20-01-879-04, 20-01-879-05, 00411441. Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235" is in sale since Friday, September 21, 2018. This item is in the category "Specialty Services\Restoration & Repair\Electronics".

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REPAIR ONLY! Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235    REPAIR ONLY! Thermador Gas Simmer Cook Top Control Board 00497234 00497235